A Note To Geoff

After you had gone for 20 months

I am thinking of you
no particular reason

simply missing you

there’s no sorrowful display
the same melancholy way

you were the only man
once valued by me

not with passion
it did not progress

with trust and confidence

you were the anchor
steady my ship

you were the foundation
supported what I believed

the sudden departure
knocked me over

changed my view forever
so hard to let go

although you were never mine
in that superficial means

in fact we were best mates
I felt safe just thinking of you

after you were gone
this world seemed temporary

I lost my usual routine
Twenty months have past

no new routine has fit
only because you were not included

no one ever share part of my life
the way you did

you were always available if I asked

when my time is up
who’s going to send me off

now I am calling your name
crying for my lost

wondering was that all there was
with all that unknown mystery

I still have to keep going

every now and then
talking to you like you are here

hope to hear a reply from you

give me a light or two
my tears would dry

to know you are continuing on

somewhere in the universe
one day we might meet again

hope you are still the same as I remember
if you could recognise me

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