Happy 74th Birthday

It was my mother’s suffering day,
now it is my happy birthday.

I had a fall in my kitchen
right on top of the ribbon
it came with a fancy present
the shock lasted only a second
while I was on the floor
my imagination soared
with my skirt splashed with coffee
the carpet around me was soggy
one hand in the air held tight
the mug caught the morning light
thought children would concerned
worried one of my bones may have been broken
they are earning a good livelihood 
I’m back to my second childhood
they’re immersed in the workforce 
I live without pause
the universe is kind to me
set my mind and emotion free
some are involved with cosmetics
I’d rather study global ethics 
to stop universal poverty on Earth
the ‘tragedy of the commons’ needs a rebirth
how do we stop the nations from competing?
when will humankind awaken? 
there’s nothing for me to wish for
but all living beings to flourish
as I pick myself up from the ground
looked at my surrounds 
grateful for a 74th summer, a privilege 
appreciated my family heritage
it was my mother’s suffering day
now it is my happy birthday

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