Thank You Geoff

Geoff was my dancing partner
for four years

It didn’t seem that long ago
Fun things always surrounded us

We were laughing and full of joy
Can’t remember what made us so happy

You were the best mate one could have
Although it took some time to establish

Our friendship built up as we both wished
Our platonic love was wonderful

Never before was I attracted by appearance
Yet I liked your strong masculinity

Even more your conduct and morality
Most of all your self-respect and honesty

Sometimes I doubted what others said
Not a moment of doubt about you

We didn’t have much in common
The trust did not arrive suddenly

Conflicts, we had many
Fall outs happened a couple of times

We agreed to disagree
We became the best mates

There’s nothing I would hold back from you
There’s nothing you wouldn’t do for me

I imagined you would be my pall-barer
By the time I departed from this world

I told you about my funeral plan
Piaf’s “No Regrets” would send me off

My ashes to be used as fertilizer
No need to take space from the living

You never remarked on the subject
Talked nothing of the sort

From your parents’ history
I thought you had a long way to go

You often called to tell me about your day
Why did I ask you to give me space?

Now I am longing to hear your voice
I should have treasured it while I had the chance

Bodies wear out
That’s your case

Souls may need periods of reflection
Consciousness forever observing

Farewell my dear friend
See you when my journey ends

Do whatever you need to do
No need to wait for me

Thank you, my dancing partner
For the good times we shared

For the respect you gave
For the quality you were

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