Wife’s Confession

Dying husband needs to hear to let go

Good morning my love

I cut some tulips from the garden
Behind the rocks saw forget-me-nots hidden

Those yellow ones are your favourite 
Each bulb worth my caring labour

I knelt on the grass all those years ago
Accompanied by my singing’s echo

Do you remember that my love
We bought them from the farm set amongst the mangroves

They all thrived in the spring
Never failed to please us when blooming

Let me massage your feet
Maybe that’s what you need

Ramona’s partner wasn’t feeling well
COVID-19 test result will tell

Everything would change if it’s positive
Two weeks of isolation is compulsory

Don’t you worry about consistency 
I already called the agency

They’ll send a replacement
I do like Ramona’s cheerful temperament

It reminds me of our younger days
Children were rushing in and out to play

Dean always lost his stuff
Jim loves to call his bluff

Where did those wonderful moments go
No trace at present, only torment

If there’s a time machine
Let’s travel back to 20 years ago’s routine

You had finally retired from business
The boys had their careers and families

You and I were back on our own again
We travelled everywhere to be entertained

No more responsibility nor worry
Life was full of happiness and glory

Gee I forgot our deepest sorrow
Poor Jim left us all in the shadow
Like there’s no more tomorrow

No, I couldn’t and wouldn’t relive it again 
I prefer to stay in this moment
Won’t even look for any improvement

Travelling back to the past is a bad idea
Sadness created aches and pain plus insomnia

Let’s have some fresh air in the room
Smell the Boronia’s tiny pink flowers’ perfume

The sweet fragrance lifts up my spirits 
You are always right with all your merits

My love
Your hands are cold
As cold as your feet

Let’s close the window
Turn up the heating
What can I do
 To ease your discomfort

I’m at the end of my wits
God forbid
Let me unload my burden

You are the love of my life
I was always your devoted wife

When you picked up the contract up North 
For months, travelled back and forth

I met a man from Italy
Don’t think of me bitterly

You were up there with your ex’s twin
While I was down here with sin

My love forgive me 
I don’t deserve you indeed

Undeniably you are the best
My life with you is blessed

Note : After her confession, she looked up at the electrocardiogram.
  He had flat lined. She held his hand and sat beside him,
 tears running down her smiling face.

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