• Jury service
    The Australian Constitution guarantees the right of any person accused of wrong doing to a trial by jury, and it is a […]
  • What’s Fair got to do with it
    Reality check Is the car insurance company playing a cat-and-mouse game after their customer had a car crash?
  • Once Upon a Time in March
    Reality check
  • Covid Hail Brings Back Memories
    During the pandemic, after Victoria breaks the world lockdown duration record in which Melbournians have spent 246 days living under stay-at-home instructions, […]
  • What Is The Secret To Happiness?
    To be happy or not is one of the choices each one of us has.
  • Social Dancing
    Social dance is intended for participation rather than performance.
  • Snake Encounter
    The snake decided I wasn’t on its menu.
  • Walking Exercise
    Walking energising my physical body and creative mind.
  • A Day At The Airshow
    Power, noise, crowds and excitement
  • Midnight Bloomer
    A delightful flower that opens after dark and closes before dawn, once a year if you’re lucky.
  • Super Blood Moon in February
    The universe is a strange place. Blame Miss Chaos.