Short Stories

  • I Am Your Fan
    Your image has been tormenting me during the day haunting me in my dreams at night
  • Lucas
    I was cheered because you were here
  • I’ll Let Him Know You Called
    Experience can be known subjectively from the inside
  • Dinner Date
    He tried to connect with other ladies but he wanted much more than they could offer.
  • Flower In The Field
    She locked herself in her little world.
  • Until Tomorrow Comes
    Ashley gasped for air the shock had stopped her from breathing
  • Heatwave
    A young lady with hardly anything on, got out of the car.
  • What Are Friends For
    The sweetest support is found in the most intimate friendship
  • Was the Bride Mine?
    His throat felt dry his palms felt wet he felt uptight.
  • Family Ties
    The last thing they wanted to see was a breathing uncle
  • Dear Diary
    Deep down we are empty shells
  • Till Death Do Us Part
    We promised each other in front of God
  • My Dear Savannah
    True beauty never fades away
  • The Marriage Counsellor’s Chair
    The only reason I am here is to stop my wife leaving me
  • The Perfect Couple
    They look trim and terrific, generous and gracious, healthy and wealthy…
  • The Grand Exit
    I have tremendous admiration for all the women I loved
  • Family Secret
    No one can take love back
  • The Sky Above the Well
    Would the killer hear me and come back to finish the job
  • Sincerely Yours
    I wanted to slap Joan’s face. I should have.
  • How Could You Mum
    If the situation weren’t so frustrating, it would be quite comical.
  • That Night in Volendam
    A gift that I’d rather not have
  • For Your Eyes Only
    There is no way I can explain to you that would make any sense to me.
  • Affectation
    His parents took away his hopes and dreams.
  • Prior Departure
    His best friend hanged for murder, love of his life suicided, daughter is drug addict, he has no clue why he ended up on his own.
  • How a Beauty Was Born
    He grants her a wish like a fairy godmother
  • First-Rate Lady
    A bore married man envies an associate’s freedom and sexual encounter.
  • Big R
    The unlikely companionship between a pale faced city boy and a sunburned, bearded bush man.
  • Oops
    A married man’s guilty conscience stirs up unwanted inner turbulence.
  • Granny’s Illusion
    The grand-daughter wants to know what Granny’s dreams were all about, how come they kept her alive?
  • Sound of the Night
    Can you hear that delicate yet forceful, faint yet intense, slight yet mighty, that sound of the night?
  • Shall We Dance
    Physical feelings came and went, emotional feelings grabbed his heart.