Are you still there?

Friendship of the good.

Are you still there?


Please talk to me

I’m using the security guard’s phone

Somehow, I forgot mine

While I was walking inside the building

I saw you pass by

It’ll be nice if we have a chance

To catch-up before I leave

Hello, hello….

That’s when I woke up

Pity, it was only a dream

Your books accumulating dust on my shelf

They were a collection of newspaper columns 

Alongside my father’s books

His lectures put together by his students

You two belong to the same old culture

With brilliant minds but stuck with male superiority

Once you asked me why I turned you down

I gave you a straight and honest answer

You heard the words I said clearly

But did you get my fundamental reasons?

Although I was in a vulnerable situation

What you had would help me a great deal        

It was my principles standing in the way

That’s the story of my life, nothing new

I won’t change till the end of my journey

A short-lived bright spark between us

When our intellects synchronised

Conversations were mutual and reciprocal 

Exchange of attitudes, concerns, ideas….

We complained about the superficial world around us

Status, material objects, physical appearance…. 

I admired your success 

Appreciated your respect

Enjoyed the most the dialogues we shared

Sometimes, my righteousness got in the way 

Forgot people in society have lots to blame

Don’t know how you were able to pardon my harsh words

Did you learn from them or ignore them completely? 

Our contact lasted forty years

I am constantly moving forward

You always stayed the same

Our bond helped me through many hurdles over time

Did I ever make any situation better in your life?

Was it only a dream?

Without believing in the afterlife

Never wished to see you again

Why visit me a long time after your departure?

Is there any ultimatum that needs to be sorted?

Is there any message you need to pass on? 

I will try my best to fulfil all your requests

So, you can finally find your peace

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