Do you know this man?

It was the summer of 1998
A slim, well groomed man walked into a rock n roll event

His short rockabilly hair style
Leather band wrist watch
Black leather jacket and black and white shoes
Instantly caught most ladies’ attention

When he took off his jacket showing his T-shirt
Many people drew their breath

His muscular boulder-like arms
Well-defined balanced shoulders
A few more delayed deep breaths

Before his arm reached out half-way
The fastest lady grabbed his wrist
Left a few sour faces behind

He quickly spun the lady to his side
She had no trouble to follow his lead
Years of dancing experience paid off

Everyone could tell he wasn’t a local
Many of his movements were new to the mob
His motionless eyes didn’t give anything away

The music was loud and the beat was fast
Before the end of the dance
He wound her up then rolled her out
Again, rolled her into a cuddle
Whispered gently and softly into her ear
“Thanks for the dance”

She turned to face him
He had already walked away
No intent to talk to anyone

His aloofness tickled the ladies’ fancy
They searched with their eyes
Pricked up their ears and raised their eyebrows
Tuned into every bit of gossip

They didn’t want to miss the opportunities
To be the next partner in his arms

Once again rock n roll music filled the hall
Some could not close their mouths

The man dashed onto the dance floor again
Triple turns with the lady after Spanish arms
How could he manage the movement so smoothly
When other men couldn’t even turn once

His detachment brewed longing in some ladies’ hearts
Subsequent rock n roll occasions
Filled with strong, choking perfumes
Thick mascara, bright red lips and lower cleavages

He never became a regular on the rock n roll scene
His image was always welcome in any rock n roll event
Everyone referred to him as “Rock”

Rock was neither a talker nor a listener
Only looking for a dancing partner

He never opened up to any lady or man for that matter
He was too reserved to let anyone too close to him
Too quiet to allow anyone to carry on

Twenty summers have come and gone
Provocative and controversial style became the norm
Young generations have their own era to deal with 
Rock n roller’s numbers gradually reduced

There was a lady named Sheila
With good looking eyes in her younger days
Men would surround her like a bad smell
Each year she added some inches to her waist line
Soon no men remembered she once had a slim body
Smooth skin without any blemishes

She had some bad luck with rock n rollers
That fatal night she got caught with one of her exes
He gave her a few punches, knocked her to the ground

Rock stepped in to stop the villain
Knife produced, lots of screaming, running, crying….
Rock was falling to the floor

Ambulance came and took Rock’s body away
Police came and took the villain away
The band stopped playing
Dancers stopped dancing
Silence in the hall

A man walked next to the bloodied floor
Quietly said Rock’s real name was Ivan Peachfield
Hoped he could finally Rest In Peace

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