Brave Love Affair

Passion was present

She saw him
across the room

He sang with her
as she performed

Amongst the aged residents
he was far too young to belong

Well dressed in fawn
nicely shaven and shorn

An authoritative expression
the impression of a dignified manner

His gaze was intense
she returned it, just as extreme

How glad she was that she went
thanking God again and again

He was not like the others
her waiting had ended

She saw the sparks in his eyes
where her chance cheerfully lay

The chemistry between them was right
couldn’t deny it was love at first sight

He rushed to her side
as soon as the music ended

“What are you doing here?” he asked
she melted at his charm

“Shouldn’t I be here?” she answered
looking into his big brown eyes

“You should!” He was so definite
she flirtatiously flipped her long blond hair

He talked like he knew her well
she was totally under his spell

Like they were once lovers
trying to rediscover each other

Passion was present
the emotion was pleasant

The universe had given her what she asked
she asked for nothing but true love

The physical attraction between them was real
the mental connections between them were ideal

She could see the future with him
she had never been so sure of anything before

Until a nurse walked towards him
with a glass of water and pills

Watched him walk away without struggle
all her hopes were once again crumbled

Her dream in the bubble
burst without any trouble

She left the Alzheimers’ ward
with tears streaming down her face

All the staff know
she’ll be back tomorrow

That brave love affair
was all she could get nowadays

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