New Zealand Feb 2011 Earthquakes

Hush hush, it’s awfully quiet

I heard the train coming
It was going through a tunnel
At an ever increasing speed
The echo was galloping

Then silence
 A nano-second
The building groaning
Followed by crashing and smashing

No one had foreseen the earthquakes
Fears came after awakening

Simply horrendous
When the unexpected started 

My mobile phone was in the desk drawer

Without any warning

We got thrown from the third floor
Metres down into the open earth

It can’t be happening
Who knows how long we’ve been buried
My students and I
In the darkness

I heard a faint voice
Cried, “Mum, please find me.”
I was glad I wasn’t her mother
Hoped she could come and help her

Not like me trapped unable to move
Without any light in the rubble
I called out to her
Never got a reply 

Instead I heard someone ask
Mrs Blackwood is that you?
Yes Mrs Blackwood is here, who are you?
Jackie, I think Tammy is dead

Can you see Tammy?
No, but she is right next to me
How do you know that’s Tammy?
I can feel the necklace I gave her last Christmas

How are you Jackie?
I don’t want to die
Think positively, that’s all we can do
Anyone have a mobile phone?

I’ve been trying to call my dad
No use, I’ve been trying for ages
I have to pick up my sister
I have to get out of here

We all want to get out of here
I am bleeding
I am injured badly
I can’t feel my legs
I feel like I’m jammed in corrugated iron

Hush hush
It’s awfully quiet
I can’t hear any sound of machines digging
The rescuers must have given up on this area

Please someone up there
Don’t give up on us yet
We have not finished living
Annie will shine on the stage

Jackie will be a good mum
Judy’s dad needs her
I can’t leave my son
Duties need to be fulfilled

Contracts need to be carried out
Don’t leave us
We are all here waiting
Waiting to be rescued

I’ll give my sister her hairpin back
Grandpa is going to buy me a bike
Mum made sticky date pudding for dessert
I have to tell my brother where I hid the iPod

I promise to be good from now on
I won’t be naughty anymore
God please help me
God please help us

God please tell them we are here
Waiting to be rescued
Waiting to go home

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