Daddy Don’t Cry

A little boy lost his mother through depression

Daddy, Daddy, I filled the bath
If Mummy knows I am a good boy
Do you think she would come back?

Grandma said Mummy’s gone to Heaven
She won’t come back to us anymore

I ate every bit of breakfast in my bowl
Even drank the last drop of milk
Didn’t kick the table and spill my drink
Don’t want to drive Mummy mad

I put my dirty socks in the laundry basket
And shouted out really laud to let Mummy know
Hope Mummy can hear me and she’ll like that

There’re no toys lying around on the floor
I pack them up, Mummy doesn’t like the mess

Aunty Meg said Mummy had depression 
Life is too hard for her to handle

If I do everything myself
Made my bed every morning
Do what grandma says
Not play with the food on the plate
Brush my teeth before grandma tells me to 
Do you think that can help Mummy to cope better?

I asked grandma to drive me to heaven
When I see Mummy I would ask her to come back home

I’ll tell Mummy how much I love her
How much you miss her
She won’t like to make you cry
She might change her mind and come back

Oh Daddy, if Mummy really don’t love us anymore 
I’ll help you to find another new Mummy
You don’t have to cry anymore

The new Mummy will never ever leave us
She will put on nice clothes looking pretty like Mummy
Let me set on her legs in the coffee shop, talking to her friends
Watching me playing on the monkey bars in the park
Kiss my sore knee to make the pain go away
Chasing me in the garden, pretending she’s a dog
Woof woof, I wanna play

Oh Daddy, Daddy 😢
I really like my Mummy come back 😭
I don’t wanna new Mummy 😭

2 replies on “Daddy Don’t Cry”

Hi Leeunn,
Thank you so much for sharing your stories….Wish I could choose a favourite, but each story is diverse intriguing and captivating….So I love them all…Really enjoyed each and everyone..
Keep writing so I
can continue reading…

Thanks for your kind words Mena,
Hope to have my new novella, “The Perfect World”, on the website in a few weeks. Would like to know what you think.
Cheers 😃

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