From A Broken-hearted Man

How are you my darling?

How are you my darling?
When I heard you were coming

I got out of there as soon as I could
Behind a big old tree as I stood

Trembling with tears on my face
I saw you enter the gate with grace

Perfect poise in each step you made
With all your refinement that never fades

Your presence illuminating my emotional sphere
Once again I fall into a great fear

Attempts to grab the distant past
Knowing so well it won’t last

I need a miracle performer to assist me
Turn back the clock and let us be

Like all those years ago
Your hand holding my arm boosted my ego

I was lost in your generosity
In our world there was no ferocity

We shared complete truth
There was no room for the uncouth

We knew each other’s thoughts
Because we were in each other’s thoughts

What happened my dear darling?
Suddenly you weren’t negotiating

Simply asked me to set you free
Told me to let you be

Days without you have no value
 I couldn’t recover from the trauma of losing you

I am still waiting for you to take me back
My life would then be happily back on track

My darling I miss you
without you I am blue

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