While The Chemistry Sparks

Lots of questions line up to be answered.

Lots of questions
Line up to be answered

I refuse to dig in and ask
Unnecessary for you to confess

The past is long gone
The future may never come
The present moment is all we have

Keep the tears to yourself
Sob when you are alone

Everyone has sadness
Let’s leave it all behind us

Bring brightness to the table
Forget about daily routines
Show the group what we have

While the chemistry sparks
Let the bodies swing with the melody

Feel the attraction burning within
Tonight let go of all the reputations

Pretend we are in the land of fairies
Let’s get back to our childhood
Scream at the top of our voices

Sing in a high pitch tone
Dance like a drunken sailor

Sway till our bodies are covered in sweat
Who cares the emptiness is waiting

One thing I’m always really sure of
My melancholy
 Is ever faithful to me

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