From an adoring grandma in pandemic times.

She is beautiful
She is delightful

Stands in front of me in an outfit ordered from the internet 
Her independent thinking skill is her most valuable asset 

No matter what the future is, during or after the pandemic
She has to constantly make choices 

Right or wrong, good or bad
Life won’t stop moving forward

Since the beginning of time
No one has the privilege to alter its speed
None can reverse and turn back time 

Doesn’t seem that long ago
I was holding her wrinkled tiny body in my arms

In the blink of an eye
 I started to create math problems for her to do
 when she came around

Didn’t take long
 she became my new technology adviser

Her drawing was framed and hangs on my wall
Memories of her playing with her sister still fresh in my mind

Right before my eye she grows taller than her mum
I couldn’t let her inside my place because of COVID-19
We are family but must maintain social distancing

Her work experience in her auntie’s office interrupted 
The State lockdown means all Victorian activities prohibited

Study from home
 didn’t get to spend more time with parents
They work longer hours as they both are healthcare workers

We chat in my driveway
 with all our masks on
Then watch her and her mum walk away
 they are gone

I realised how fortunate I am
My daughter inherited the best of me
Her daughter inherited the best of her

My hand held the sanitiser she brought
Watched her walk away down my driveway

Tears running down my eyes
I wiped the mist away
 with my appreciative heart

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