Stop Before It Begins

No need to spoil what we had

I am not asking your name
whether it’s Richard, Sam or Ben
it makes no difference to me
I won’t remember anyway
like all the others who have passed through my life
leaving no trace nor mark
a detached attitude gives freedom
freedom side by side with solitude

We had a good time together
no need to spoil what we had
stop before a pattern sets in
none of us needs another routine
I have had enough fun
time for me to go home
back to my favorite destination
the place I can be myself

No harsh words to hear
no unpleasant scene to see
I can dance in front of the stove
talking to the Mother-In-Law’s Tongue
thanking the Aloe Vera’s healing power
admiring Van Gogh’s starry night
immersing in the sight of Germany’s sunset
singing out loud at the top of my voice

Leave pretentiousness where it belongs
keep ostentatiousness outside my door
flamboyancy has no charm
plain is something I’d hold onto
flexible to change
adaptable to variation
without difficulty
simply turn my way

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